Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequenlty Asked Questions. On this page you will find all sorts of questions concerning our site.

Technical Questions

Q: I am unable to log in?
A: First try to use your email address you signed up with instead of your username. If this won't work contact our error department at and they will guide you through the needed steps.

Questions about our site

Q: How often is this site updated?
A: Our site is updated with three new items every day, 7 days per week.

Q: How old are the girls?
A: All our models are of International Legal Age of 18 years and up at the time they were depicted or filmed.

Q: Where can I find information about my favorite Seventeen model?
A: You can find her in the model directory. We have an alphabetic list of all our Seventeen models.

Q: I would like to see special pictures, for example red head girls masturbating?
A: If you have special request and it is not on our site, go the "Special Request" item and write an e-mail to She will arrange it for you if she has that particular material.

Q: How do the girls become a model?
A: Girls from all over the world write, phone or e-mail us all the time, and within a couple of days they are in one of our studios making test shots! Ofcourse we only select the best models for you. All the girls who weren't good enough are in our Sorry Corner.

Q: I'm a man. Can I be a model?
A: Not unless you bring a goodlooking girlfriend as well! Seriously, we get hundreds of requests every day from boys and men who want to pose with one of our girls. At the same time, the girls usually bring their own boyfriends with them, so there's not much chance - in fact, no chance at all - for a single man to end up in our studio.

Q: Do you still need female editors?
A: YES! This site is expanding fast with new items added almost daily. Any girl who's not afraid of the camera and knows her English is VERY welcome with us!

Q: I would like to e-mail one of the editors?
A: Here's a complete list of all the editors:

Administrational questions:

Q: I would like to change my membership into a 30 or 90 days subscription.
A: Send us your username and the last 8 digits to and we will change it for you.

Q: My credit card expired this month but I really would like to stay a member?
A: Just send your username and the last 8 digits of your credit card + your new credit card information to

Q: Under which name will my credit card be charged?
A: We appear for Mastercard statements under the neutral name "". And for Visa Card statements under the neutral name

Q: How do I cancel?

A: Go here to cancel your account

Q: I have tried to cancel through the link but I'm not sure if it has been accepted?
A: Just send us your username + the last 8 digits of your credit card to and we will check in our system if the procedure has been succesfull.

For other administrational questions or suggestions e-mail

For other questions or suggestions about our site e-mail