How to flirt with our girls

Not everyone is a pro when it comes to flirting to girls online. That is why we have some tips and tricks for you. We hope they will help you in your chat conversations with our girls – resulting in you and the girl both having a great time and maybe even more...

1 ) Find the girl you want to flirt with

Look around some of the profiles and search for a girl you like. Read her profile for more information about her and check her schedule to see when she will be online. If you want to make sure you won't miss her, just flip the switch on the top right of her profile so you will be alerted by e-mail when she comes online. Don't know how to pick a girl? We put one of our girls in the spotlight every week, introducing them to you. Also, on the homepage you can set some filters. Like for example click on 'blondes' and you will find only our blond cam girls. On that same page you will also find our Top 10 girls. Be sure to check them all out, they didn't make the Top 10 for no reason ;) We also have daily events. Visit the Events calender to see which girls are giving a show today.

2 ) Start Chatting

There's no better start than to do something, so send her a message. Keep it very simple, fun, and short to begin with. If you don't know her yet, introduce yourself a little bit. Tell her about yourself and ask about her interests and likes. If you chatted before say "hi" and ask her how she's doing. If you haven't talked much online before, just take it easy as this is new territory and she may converse very differently from the people you know in real life. Don't be surprised by anything, just go with the flow. Ask simple questions like "How are you?", or even be a bit of a friendly tease by asking her things like what she's doing up so late. These sorts of questions will get the conversation started. If you are shy at first because you are not alone with the girl yet, just use the 'whisper' option and she will be the only one that can read your comment.

3 ) Show interest in her

Ask about her interests and in turn, reflect an interest in what she has to say. Once you get the know the girl a little bit it will be easier to carry a conversation. She might ask something about you in return and before you know it you are flirting and chatting away!

4)Avoid being rude

Avoid using expletives, suggestive language, or crass jokes. until she opens up enough to reveal that she doesn't mind such an approach of course! Stay on the side of caution and get to know her a little bit first. And don't forget to give her a compliment about something you like about her. In short – just don't be a dick and you will be fine ;)

5) Keep in mind our girls really are – girls

Yes they work as a webcam girl, but that doesn't mean our girls are different from any other girl. They are young and most of them are doing webcam work to pay for college. Keep this in mind when you are chatting to them. They are not a piece of meat and they deserve to be treated with respect.

6) Spoil and tip

Girls love to feel special and getting spoiled. So if you like a model, you can send her a tip. It can be done by sending her credits or you can pick gifts from the site. You can count on them being very happy with that! Please note that this is not a must, just a simple nice gesture of a gentleman. Seventeen Girls are in the prime of their life and they love the attention you give them! If you find a girl you really like you can also go private with her so you have her all for yourself :-)

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